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Information about Dundalk Chamber of Commerce “Shop Local Gift Vouchers”.

Please read the Terms & Conditions of Shop Local Gift Vouchers, below, carefully.

Shop Local Gift Vouchers

Dundalk Chamber of Commerce Shop Local Gift Vouchers (supported by Dundalk Economic Development Company) are the perfect all year round gift idea and are not just for Christmas. They give the opportunity to treat family and friends while allowing all the freedom to choose where to spend the voucher. Gift Vouchers are perfect for all sorts of occasions such as Birthdays, Communions, Anniversaries or as a simple “Thank You” to that someone special.

Shop Local VouchersTAX BREAK!

Employers, employees, retailers, the local economy and jobs all benefit when bonuses of up to €500 are paid using Shop Local Gift Vouchers rather than payment through regular salaries. Opposed to a cash bonus which is so often just absorbed into their pay cheque quickly disappearing with tax and PRSI deductions and staff not realising they have had a bonus.

Security Features:

  • All individually numbered
  • Foil Hologram
  • Each voucher is embossed with Dundalk Chamber Stamp and Seal.

Please brief all your staff about the security features of the vouchers.



Did you know that for every €1 spent locally is worth €4 to our local economy?

DUNDALK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Shop Local Gift Vouchers come in denominations of €5, €10, €20 and €50 and are redeemable in outlets in and around Dundalk and can be used in a multiple of various shops, restaurants, beauticians and hair salons.

If your company would like to find out more about these vouchers please call Dundalk Chamber on Tel: 042 9336343 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions our Customers ask most frequently. If you haven’t found the answer below, please don’t hesitate to contact Dundalk Chamber on Tel: 042 9336343 or email

What are Shop Local Gift Vouchers?
Shop Local Gift Vouchers are pre-paid multi store vouchers that can be used in over 330 of the most popular stores in Dundalk. They are available in denominations of €5, €10, €20, €50.

Where can I buy the Gift Vouchers?

You can buy the gift vouchers directly from the  Dundalk Chamber or by following our clear and easy instructions online. Vouchers can also be purchased over the counter at these locations.

Where can I spend the Gift Vouchers?

The gift vouchers can be spent in over hundreds of outlets in Dundalk and surrounding areas. See the attached brochure or use our online directory!

How are gift vouchers delivered and how long does it take?

Gift Vouchers are normally dispatched within 3 days of receipt of order online. Once the order is placed we will contact you to ensure we have the correct details and will post the vouchers within 3 days. If an order is placed after closing on Friday it will be dealt with on the Monday following except when it falls on a Bank or Public Holiday.

Is there a charge for buying Gift Vouchers?

The vouchers are commission free.

Is there a cost for Postage?

No, vouchers are posted out for free, or can be collected from the Chamber Offices.

Does the Gift Voucher expire?

There is no expiry date on the vouchers.

What happens if I lose Gift Vouchers?

Your vouchers should be treated as cash and cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged.

Can I get change when making a purchase with the gift vouchers?

Vouchers are redeemable against goods in participating Shop Local stores as part or full payment but no change or cash alternative will be offered.


Dundalk Chamber Shop Local Scheme – Keeping Business Local


This is a unique venture for businesses in Dundalk. Exclusive Gift Vouchers which can be spent in participating outlets locally. The aim of the voucher programme is to encourage people to SHOP LOCAL – SHOP DUNDALK!

Give a friend, colleague or loved one a gift voucher for which can be used in many different shops giving  them a local voucher gives them the choice of where they would like to spend it. This is a non-commission based service for members of the scheme. Also, did you know you can give an employee a non cash bonus/gift to a maximum of €250 TAX FREE per annum? Why not give them a Shop Local Gift Voucher?

If you  would like more information, please contact the chamber on 042 9336343 fill in the registration form below.

How is it managed?

Shop Local is developed and is solely managed by Dundalk Chamber of Commerce.

Shop Local celebrates all that is good about shopping in Dundalk. It has been devised for retailers and customers alike. The aim is to create greater brand awareness of Dundalk.

All administration and management of the initiative is through Dundalk Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber manages each promotional campaign, manages the social media channels, administers the website and manages all the financial aspects of the scheme making it as easy as possible for retailers and other providers to get involved.

Gift Voucher Redemption

Dundalk Chamber charges nothing for purchase or redemption of vouchers.

Dundalk Chamber will redeem vouchers as quickly as possible after presentation. They can be sent by post or preferably presented in person at the office.

So, want to be able to accept gift vouchers and be part of the scheme?

It’s FREE for Chamber Members to join this scheme. Non member fee is €50 per annum.

All member outlets that accept Shop Local gift vouchers are listed online as well as on the list that accompanies all vouchers sold. Each outlet that joins also displays a “Shop Local Gift Vouchers accepted here” poster and door sticker as well as seasonal posters at relevant times of the year.

giftvoucherThere is no charge for purchasing or redeeming voucher. Once vouchers are accepted the retailer returns the vouchers to Dundalk Chamber in exchange for payment.

Register NOW!

If you would like your business to be included in this scheme and accept/redeem these vouchers  in your shop/salon/restaurant/gym etc then please fill in the below registration form and we’ll be in touch.

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    Opening Times

    Monday 8:00am8:30am9:00am9:30am10:00amClosed
    Tuesday 8:00am8:30am9:00am9:30am10:00amClosed
    Wednesday 8:00am8:30am9:00am9:30am10:00amClosed
    Thursday 8:00am8:30am9:00am9:30am10:00amClosed
    Friday 8:00am8:30am9:00am9:30am10:00amClosed
    Saturday 8:00am8:30am9:00am9:30am10:00amClosed
    Sunday 8:00am8:30am9:00am9:30am10:00amClosed

    Closing Times

    Monday 6:00pm6:30pm7:00pm7:30pm8:00pmLateClosed
    Tuesday 6:00pm6:30pm7:00pm7:30pm8:00pmLateClosed
    Wednesday 6:00pm6:30pm7:00pm7:30pm8:00pmLateClosed
    Thursday 6:00pm6:30pm7:00pm7:30pm8:00pmLateClosed
    Friday 6:00pm6:30pm7:00pm7:30pm8:00pmLateClosed
    Saturday 6:00pm6:30pm7:00pm7:30pm8:00pmLateClosed
    Sunday 5:00pm5:30pm6:00pm6:30pm7:00pm7:30pmClosed

    Buying Vouchers

    Where Can I Buy Gift Vouchers?

    Shop Local gift vouchers can be purchased from the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, Unit 4 Partnership Court, Park St. Dundalk. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

    Vouchers can be pre-booked by calling the Chamber on Tel: 042 9336343 or email Vouchers can also be purchased online (see below).

    Vouchers can also be purchased over the counter at any of these locations.

    Why buy Shop Local Gift Vouchers?

    Dundalk Shop gift vouchers have been developed by Dundalk Chamber in order to help retail in the Dundalk region.  The aims of the vouchers are:

    • To keep the money in the local economy.
    • To promote shopping locally.
    • To encourage shoppers to return to Dundalk and surrounding areas.
    • To increase footfall in the town.
    • To attract shoppers from the wider County and region.

    Vouchers are available in€5, €10, €20 and €50 denominations and never expire.
    Vouchers are redeemable against goods and services in participating outlets as part or full payment. No change or cash alternative will be offered.

    Online Directory

    We now have a dedicated, mobile friendly, searchable, online directory of all participating outlets. Check it out!


    Terms & Conditions

    1. Introduction

    Shop Local Gift Vouchers are available in Euro denominations as follows: €5, €10, €20 and €50 only. They are pre-paid vouchers issued only by Dundalk Chamber of Commerce.

    2. Definitions

    “Participating retailer” means a supplier of goods and services available in Dundalk  that has agreed to accept the voucher as payment for goods and/or services.
    “We” and “us” means Dundalk  Chamber of Commerce whose office is at unit 4, Partnership Court, Park St. Dundalk.
    “You” and “your” means the person who purchased the voucher or the person in possession of the voucher from time to time who has been given the voucher by the purchaser.
    “Voucher” means the Shop Local Voucher only as issued by Dundalk Chamber of Commerce.

    3. Shop Local  Gift Voucher

    The use of the Shop Local Gift Voucher is subject to these terms & conditions. Usage of the voucher constitutes your acceptance of these terms and Conditions

    4. Protecting Your Vouchers

    You must:
    (a) treat the voucher as cash
    (b) take all reasonable care of the voucher
    (c) Vouchers defaced in any way will be invalid and will be refused by the outlet at the time of purchase
    (d) Dundalk Chamber of Commerce will not take any responsibility for vouchers that are lost or stolen or damaged in any circumstances
    (e) Vouchers will be subject to verification at time of presentation

    5. Using your Vouchers

    (a) The Shop Local Gift Voucher(s) may only be used in participating outlets. A list is available with all purchases. This list is subject to change from time to time and outlets listed may withdraw from the initiative.
    (c) Dundalk Chamber of Commerce  will not be liable for any goods and services paid for using Shop Local Gift Vouchers. Any queries or complaints about such goods and services should be addressed to the relevant participating retailer.
    (d) There is no expiry date on the vouchers.
    (e) Vouchers can be used in full or part payment for goods and services. No change will be given.
    (f) On paying with a voucher the purchaser is accepting the terms & conditions of the participating outlet.
    (g) Vouchers cannot under any circumstances be exchanged for cash.
    (h) If a participating outlet becomes liable to make a refund this is entirely a matter between you and the participating outlet.

    6. General

    Dundalk Chamber of Commerce will not accept any responsibility for claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses or liability of any kind whatsoever arising from or in connection with any transaction or dealing between the participating retailer and voucher holder.

    7. Complaints

    If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service offered please contact Dundalk Chamber of Commerce on Tel:  00353 42 9336343 or email


    Dundalk Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to vary these Terms & Conditions


    For Your Information

    When purchasing Shop Local Vouchers we advise that to ensure ultimate flexibility it is best to purchase in small denominations.
    It is up to each individual retailer to send updates for their listing on the website. Dundalk Chamber of Commerce  cannot be held responsible for content that is out of date.

    Effective date February 2015. Last modified December 2021.


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    Participating Businesses

    A great many businesses have already signed up, with more to come! Download the below brochure to see which businesses are onboard.




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