Chamber welcomes new Vice President

President of Dundalk Chamber of Commerce Sean Farrell announced Una McGoey as the new Vice President of Dundalk Chamber of Commerce. Sean would also like to welcome Una on to the Board of Management of Dundalk of Commerce.

Una McGoey, of Anu Change provides a range of management services to business clients. Una helps and supports individuals and businesses to clarify and realise their personal and business ambitions. She has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, working in a variety of roles from Branch Manager, Project Manager and Sales Capability Manager. She has extensive experience working with corporate companies, SMEs, Start-ups and owner-managers.

Una is also a QFA who holds Post Grad in Leading and Managing People. As an approved Business Mentor, Accredited Coach (IAPC&M) and Certified Trainer she provides a range of private organisations and public agencies. She is a qualified expert who helps businesses put strategies in place to grow and scale their business.

Anu Change specialising in Leadership Development. Accredited to administer and deliver ECR & ECR360 (Emotional Capital Report) working with organisations helping them to retain and manage talent while developing and enhancing leadership effectiveness. Una helps leaders and potential leaders gain clarity and enables them to lead with confidence. Una uses DISC Profiling to support leaders deepening their understanding of themselves and how they impact their teams and their wider organisation.

Sean stated that the Chamber is working tirelessly on behalf of its membership promoting Dundalk as a great place to do business and Una will continue this valuable work into the future.

Sean would also like to welcome all local businesses to join Dundalk Chamber and take an active part in the Council of the Chamber and also get involved in the many Chamber activities and committees. He invited people to have a visit the Chamber website to see what the Chamber is involved in.