Dundalk Pride Weclome’s Giro D’Italia

Do you want to show your Dundalk Pride?  Do you want to increase your customer foot traffic?  Do you want to do BOTH?!

An event like the Giro D’Italia coming to Dundalk does two things:  it brings visitors to the area as well as brings locals into town.  So how do you leverage the event to YOUR advantage and put money in your pocket?

Here are some suggestions to welcome new and loyal customers alike the weekend of the Giro D’Italia the weekend of May 9th, 10th and 11th May.

  • Give a discount to any customers who are wearing pink into your store!   You choose the discount based on your own circumstances but consider the increased footfall.
  • If you are pub or restaurant, every pink t-shirt gets a free pint!  Or perhaps their name in a raffle for a free pint every hour!
  • Stores that are selling groceries or food, special deals on all Italian items in honour of the Giro!
  • Have a “power hour” either before or after the Giro to get customers in – special sales on select items.
  • Everyone in your store, shop, pub or restaurant should aim to wear pink – to show the spirit
  • Create a fun and MEMORABLE sign for your shop/store front in honour of the Giro!
  • Roll out a pink welcome mat!
  • Fly some flags, Ireland and Italy