Update to Fáilte Ireland Adaptation Fund

Due to the recent developments and delays regarding new applications for Special Restaurant Licences and Wine Retailers On Licences, Fáilte Ireland will now accept an image of proof of application (the completed Excise Licence Application) instead of an image of the licence itself in the Adaptation Fund application form, to facilitate applicants to apply for funding. As applicants are required to enter a licence number in the Adaptation Fund Form they should enter ‘SRL’ or ‘WROL’ as appropriate.

Applicants must still apply to the Adaptation Fund before noon on 31st October 2020. Once an applicant has received the licence they will be required to submit an image of the licence via email (to adaptationfundteam@failteireland.ie) before payment is made, as this is a condition of the Guidelines of the Fund. All applications will continue to be processed and paid in 2020 and in to 2021 once Fáilte Ireland have received a copy of the licence.