Tain Festival – The Aventures of the Wet Senor with Kila plays Tain Theatre on 28th Oct


    A piece of theatre that fuses the musical passion of Kíla live with the incredible storytelling power of Donal O’Kelly (Catalpa, The Cambria, Jimmy Joyced!) and performances from Carrie Crowley, Jaimie Carswell and Sorcha Fox.

    De Cuellar’s remarkable story is of a hunted Spanish man in Ireland experiencing extremes of hostility and hospitality in his desperate quest to get home. Just one episode describes how De Cuellar defended McClancy’s castle in Rossclogher, with only 7 other Spaniards, against a force of 1800 English and won! He also had a perilous liaison with McClancy’s wife after a vigorous bout of palm reading with the ladies…in his own words he became “A gypsy among savages”.

    With live music and stunning visuals the account of Captain Francisco de Cuellar’s Irish adventures is the great untold story of our shared European history.

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