An Táin Arts Centre’s Louth Culture Quest

An Táin Arts Centre’s Louth Culture Quest is a futuristic, county-wide, arts and heritage treasure hunt.

LCQ is based around the premise that in 2050, art and heritage as we know it has been destroyed by rolling pandemics, political unrest, and climate change. A custodian of art from this dystopian future has placed 20 surviving artworks around County Louth for safe keeping. To ensure the future survival of art and heritage audiences must solve the clues, find the artworks, and discover what happens between now and 2050 as they unlock the story behind the Louth Culture Quest.

Audiences must purchase and download the Louth Culture Quest app to embark on this futuristic treasure hunt exploring County Louth, from the Cooley Peninsula to the coastal town of Baltray, tread the towns of Dundalk and Drogheda on foot, armed with their mobile device and guided by the custodian from the future named Lugh, performed by Father Ted’s Joe Rooney. Audiences will take a journey through time, exploring the heritage sites of County Louth and the beauty of the landscape, whilst engaging with newly commissioned pieces of art and changing the course of history.

The County has been split into 4 zones, North Louth, Dundalk, South Louth, and Drogheda. 20 new artworks by 4 visual artists have been created specifically for the quest, with five artworks in each zone. On completion of the quest audiences can contact An Táin Arts Centre to claim their LCQ Limited Edition reward pin. The app costs €4.99 to download from the App store or the Google Play store and is available to download now.