Revenue Wage Subsidy Update

Please see attached the details pertaining to the main schemes now available to those who lose their employment or experience reduced working hours due to the current COVID 19 Pandemic.

The new Wage Subsidy Scheme is administered and run by the Revenue Commissioners and the other two schemes are run by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. We are operating in a rapidly evolving and changing environment, therefore, the parameters of these programmes may change.

Information Note:

The Government announced a new Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme for employers who retain employees on their payroll. This scheme will be run by the Revenue Commissioners. See the link below for further details. All queries related to this scheme should contact Revenue’s National Employer Helpdesk via the MyEnquiries system on Revenue’s ROS site.

Employers who have reduced an employee’s working week due to the current COVID 19 Pandemic can avail of a subsidy through the Revenue Wage Subsidy Scheme (above). If an employer cannot avail of this option, the employee can make an application for Short Time Working Support payment. This scheme is an income support payment paid directly to individuals who are placed on a shorter working week – see link below to information.

This Department, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, recently introduced an emergency Pandemic Unemployment Payment. This is a separate scheme to the Wage Subsidy Scheme that will be run by the Revenue Commissioners. The Pandemic Unemployment Payment is intended for those employees who lose their employment and whose employer cannot retain them on their payroll. Claims for this scheme can be applied for by those affected by completing an application and submitting to their local Intreo Office. An application can also be made online at This is the quickest and easiest way to apply for the emergency Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

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