The Road to COP26: The Role of the Transport Sector

The British Irish Chamber of Commerce, the British Embassy, Ireland and Instinctif Partners are delighted to invite you to the second instalment of our Road to COP26 series ‘The Road to COP26: The Role of the Transport Sector’ taking place on Friday 1st October at 10.00am. There is still time to register for this important event.

Both the UK and Ireland have committed in law to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. COP26 will evaluate how this goal can actually be attained and how specific actions could be accelerated to ensure its achievement. Given the commitment of the global community to tackling climate change, it can be no surprise that one of the most important sectors that will need to adapt is the Transport Sector which currently accounts for 20% of global emissions. To this end, this Conference will discuss the key issues surrounding the transport sector and its obligations to addressing the Climate challenge.