M.A.D Youth Theatre Open Day

M.A.D Youth Theatre is in their fifth year and they are looking for new members ages 12 to 21 to join them on the 8th of September at the Wellington Hall on St. Marys Road at 5:30pm to 7:30pm. No experience needed just an interest in drama. The 2014/15 season saw some amazing adventures with M.A.D YT participating the National Theatre Connections programme were they got the premiere a trilling new play remote by Stef Smith in the An Tain Arts centre main stage and in national theatre stage in the lyric theatre Belfast. In July they ran a residential exchange in Carlingford adventure centre with their friends Prague Youth Theatre, where they had a blast devising Forum Theatre an interactive theatre performance were the audience get to change the outcomes for the positive. This season they have bigger plans to mark their 5th year running. More exciting opportunities to take part in festivals, residential, theatre trips, master classes and performances.

The youth theatre over the past few years have worked diligently to give a service to the young people of Dundalk and the surrounding areas. A place where they can be themselves and have fun and learn a variety of theatre techniques and dramatic skills. Whether or not the young person wants to be a professional actor there is something there for everybody regardless of experience and ambition.

M.A.D YT member Ben Verling gives his experience and why a young person should join. “MAD has allowed me to channel my excesses energy into a creative environment through physicality, exploration of emotion and interaction and performance. Since I began working with Kwasie I’ve taken part in performance that changed my perspective and opened up new avenues of thought for me. Working as part of an ensemble has helped me develop a sense of individuality as well as the ability to work co-operatively and constructively in a group. Meeting people through MAD has been amazing, be it in our own group or in other YTs, it’s always a blast to meet likeminded people who enjoy theatre, not drama. I would definitely recommend MAD as a forum for self-expression and confidence building above the expected features of Drama class, etc.” However I would implore people to approach MAD with an ensemble based work ethic and determination to partake to the best of your ability whatever that may be, MAD is about finding yourself and channelling yourself into your performance rather than reading lines off a page. I would nearly say that MAD has changed my life, for the better and I can’t think of a reason not to take part, no matter how you feel about exposing your feelings or if you aren’t confident in your ability as there will always be a place for you”.

M.A.D YT Provides ongoing professionally led weekly classes in Drama and Theatre skills. Their goals are to enable members to develop interpersonal skills such as confidence, social interaction, responsibility sharing, planning, decision making, team-work and problem solving. They aim to produce at least one production a year seeking out new and innovative performing arts opportunities. Giving audiences the opportunity to experience new, innovative and traditional performance practices.

'Remote' cast pre performance at the Lyric theatre Belfast

If you have an interest in Drama and theatre or you know someone who does, come and see if M.A.D Youth Theatre is the place for you. The open day is a fun two hours of a drama workshop. All you need is comfy clothes and bottle of water and if needed a friend. To find out more contact 0831404747 / 0860457026 or email info@madyt.com. Find the youth theatre on http://www.facebook.com/M.A.DYOUTHTHEATRE and http://www.twitter.com/MAD_YT