Stonehouse Sarah Struts Her Stuff for Strictly Come Dancing

Sarah Buchanan works in her family business, The Stonehouse Bar & Restaurant in Blackrock.  When Sarah was approached to take part in the Strictly Come Dancing competition, her initial reaction was ‘no way’, but felt that the Nestling Project was a deserving and worthy cause.  Ironically, she is partnered with Rodd Bond who is a project leader for the charity.  “Rodd is a terrific partner” she says. ”With the restaurant, it’s difficult to schedule rehearsals and he has gone out of his way to help me make up time.” Sarah commended the facilities provided by Alicia Grilles Grant, saying that their 24.7 availability had been invaluable. Dancing to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, Rodd and Sarah have incorporated a ‘slide’ in their routine. “I scraped and bruised my knees the first time I did it” said Sarah “I think we might be more of a comedy act than a dance act but its all so much fun.” With all her friends and family supporting her, Sarah says that she feels this is one of the best community events in the county.

Ridley’s Nightclub, Dundalk, have sponsored one of their Managers, Philip Keogh. Encouraged by Kevin Carty, now a fellow competitor, Philip entered the competition for the fun. “I had no idea how tough the training would be” he says “sometimes I think I have three left feet.” With his wedding only a few weeks away, he also thought it would help to get him through that first dance.  Partnered by Shirlí Muldoon of Felda, the couple will dance a mix of ballroom & hip hop to Rihanna’s ‘S&M’.

“Emmanuella Salako who is training us in hip hop is just fantastic” says Philip. “The studios are amazing and, Alicia Grills Grant is always on hand to listen to our woes and worries” he continued. “I’m sure she feels like an agony aunt at times, but we couldn’t have gotten through it without her fantastic support.” Looking forward to the final, Philip admits to a few nerves but says he has plenty of friends and family coming along to support him.  “The best thing about the event” he says, “is the great group of people. Everyone is very competitive, but fun is the overriding factor.  Roll on the 3rd June!”

There are very few tickets left. For more information phone 042 9236343 or email