Doing business in China

Continuing with our Business After Hours Club, we have our next meeting in the Carrolls Building in DKIT Wednesday May 18th 2011 at 6.00pm sharp and hope you and one or two of your colleagues will attend. Programme for the evening is as follows:

  1. Fast tour of Carrolls post regeneration by Dr Bob McKiernan Head of School of Informatics and Creative Arts
  2. Fast presentations on Doing Business in China and will include the following speakers and subjects:
  • “Managing manufacturing there” by Ciaran Herr,  (Horseware)
  • “China in my supply chain” by Paul Jevens, (The Hangar Company)

Coffee etc available during an open discussion & questions to/with above 2 presenters and, Rocky Meng of Satir.

Dundalk is uniquely placed to position itself as the focal point for an Irish-Chinese Cluster. We have the first inward investment from China, Satir  and the second is down the road in Drogheda. We have the highest proportion of Chinese students at any Irish 3rd level learning institution. One even had the audacity to help organize this year St Patrick’s Day Parade!!

A SMART move from this event will be to formalize that advantage and engage the processes to make doing business with Chinese suppliers that much easier and then to resolve to place ourselves right in the eye-line of potential Chinese investors thinking of establishing a presence in Europe.  If you have employees of Chinese origin, this event may be beneficial to them.  If this is the case, would you please send us their details or inform them of this event.

If you would like to attend this Business After Hours event please reply to or call Catherine or Kathleen on Tel: 042 9336343. A small charge €5 for tea and coffee will apply.