Car Medic offers top tips to keep cars on the road longer for less

Car Medic repairing cosmetic damages, scuffs and scratches to vehicles at customers’ homes or places of work. The innovative SMART repair system is up to 70% cheaper than body shops and uses the best quality products available.  Car Medic also takes the body shop to the customer at work or at home with their fully equipped mobile units so the vehicle can be repaired in hours rather than days.  This innovative, convenient and cost effective business idea has taken the Franchise and car repair world by storm scooping top honours at the Irish Franchise Awards and regional Business awards.

There is a record 2.5 million registered cars on the roads in Ireland but due to recessionary times, people are changing their cars less often and need to keep cars on the road longer. Whether it’s a used or a new car, there’s one thing pretty much guaranteed – it’s going to fall in value. New cars depreciate from the moment they leave the showroom and used cars, particularly those bought in affluent times, are most often now in negative equity.  Unfortunately, there’s no way of stopping depreciation but there are ways to boost the value of a car so the resale value is optimised with these top 10 tips form Car Medic:

1. Choose the right colour
Believe it or not, having a more desirable car colour could add €200 to €500 onto the value of a car.  Unusual colours such as yellow, orange, or pink are generally regarded as less desirable in comparison to colours such as silver, black or currently white.

2. Sort out those alloy wheels
Badly scratched or tarnished alloys wheels can take €50 to €100 per alloy off the car’s value. Alloys are one of a number of things that make your car stand out from the crowd. Scuffed and kerbed alloy wheels can be painted and lacquered to the original pristine condition. Car Medic offer a mobile alloy wheel repair service so alloys can be repaired at your convenience, to the highest quality and in cost-efficient manor.

3. Keep tyres in check and prevent punctures
Balding tyres, or those near the minimum tread limit, are also likely to impact the value of the car – possibly by as much as €100 to €150 per wheel. Tyre Medic’s unique tyre puncture prevention system helps prevent those dangerous and worrying punctures, saving business expenses downtime, whilst protecting vehicles and the passenger from danger. Tyres treated with this unique gel can also give up to 10% extra driving time.  This gel is also dyed so dangerously damaged areas can easily be inspected.

4. Check your windscreen
By simply ensuring there are no cracks or chips in your car windscreen, you could boost the value of the car by as much as €300. Stone chips, star breaks, bulls eyes and cracks can be near-invisibly repaired by Car Medic without replacing the entire windscreen.

5. Check for dents
Again, by ensuring there are no bad dents or scratches in your car, you could boost the value by as much as €200 to €300 per damaged panel. Removing any dents or scratches is also likely to increase buyer interest. The Car Medic Repair System complies with the latest EPA (Environment Protection Agency). All paints are water based paints and chemicals meet VOC levels set by the EPA at a fraction of the price of auto body shops.

6. Check the upholstery
The inside of the car is just as important as the outside. Poorly maintained trims and upholstery are not only likely to deter buyers, but they are also likely to lower the car’s value of by as much as €100. Dashboard holes and scratches, holes from mobile phone kits and scratches can be filled and colour matched to suit the original colour of your dashboard.  Upholstery and carpets in both plain and patterned velour can be brought back to their original condition often within 15 minutes.

7. Clean up!
Similarly, make sure you keep your car clean inside and out. It may not increase the vehicles value but you will certainly sell the faster by simply cleaning out any litter, grime and dust. Also be careful with pets in the car – if they damage the interior, this could wipe hundreds off the resale price.

8. Get it serviced
Ensuring your car has been regularly serviced correctly could boost the value by around €500 to €1000. Always follow your car’s servicing schedule and make sure you get your service book stamped.  If you’re getting your car serviced at a local independent garage, make sure it’s VAT-registered and that the parts used are genuine manufacturer products. You should get receipts and part serial numbers to prove this.

9. Bumper Scuffs
Everyday bumper scuffs are the most common offenders on a vehicle. Split or deeply scratched and scored bumper pads can be repaired fast, filled and retextured back to the original finish by Car medic without replacing the bumper or repainting to entire bumper.

10. Sort out the NCT
Finally, ensuring you have an NCT certificate before you sell your car is likely to increase its value by around €500. So avoid selling your car when there are only a few weeks left on the NCT

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