Louth Volunteer Centre call for employee volunteers

Being a board member of a charity or Community & Voluntary sector organisation can be a wonderful opportunity to share skills, experience and perspective for the good of our community. It can be hugely rewarding and offer opportunities for personal and professional development. Voluntary board members play an essential role in the not for profit sector, responsible for public benefit; governance; oversight and strategic direction. However, a report launched recently by Joe O’Brien, Minister of State at the Department of Rural and Community Development showed that one of the biggest challenges for Not for Profit organisations nationally is a lack of volunteers putting themselves forward to become board members. With over 400 not for profit organisations in County Louth, many of whom are essential to our local communities, this is also a local challenge.

In response to this challenge Louth Volunteer Centre, for the third year running, are delivering “Empowering You Empowering Our Community” to equip people with little or no experience of sitting on a board or committee with the knowledge and confidence to step into such a role.

Please see attached for more information.