Enhanced Employer Supports and Access to Employees

Department of Social Protection in conjunction with Chamber of Commerce hosts briefing for Dundalk Employers

A briefing to outline the supports for employers available from the Department of Social Protection was held in Dundalk today (Tuesday, 20th August 2013). The briefing was arranged by the Department and the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce.

From left to right, Stephen Hanna, Paddy Matthews, Anne Keeley, Marie Duffy and Paddy Malone.

Stephen Hanna, Department of Social Protection outlined the incentives, including financial incentives, available to employers when recruiting people from the Live Register. These include financial supports such as the new JobsPlus scheme and employment initiatives such as JobBridge – the National Internship Scheme.

The Department of Social Protection can also provide job-ready candidates to help employers fill vacancies and advertise posts on www.jobsireland.ie. All of these services are provided at no cost to employers. 

Marie Duffy, DSP EURES Advisor North East was available to provide information and guidance to employers who are interested in the European labour market. Deirdre Ryan, Worklink (www.worklink.ie) also attended the briefing session to support employers wishing to recruit JobBridge participants.