Strategic Economic Planning Can Only Happen Under a Stable Government

Chambers Ireland last Wednesday (24 February 2016) highlighted the importance to the business community of a stable Government capable of making long term strategic policy decisions.

Ian Talbot, Chief Executive, Chambers Ireland said, “Many promises have been made during this election campaign to narrow the tax base, eliminate consumption charges and to increase current expenditure. Less attention has been paid to what is necessary to create jobs in our economy and continue our economic recovery. The business community has been strongly calling for strategic economic planning that can support future growth throughout Ireland. Having only recently emerged from an economic collapse and moved towards recovery, Ireland needs a Government that can make the tough investment decisions necessary to support our long term development.”

“Our Chamber Network manifesto, ‘A Vision for 2021’ promotes long term strategic planning and investment by the next Government. It identifies the social and physical infrastructure that is the key to our future economic growth. In a time of increasing international economic volatility it is essential that the next Government is capable of making long term commitments to invest in infrastructure that will improve our competitiveness, enhance our economy, and create jobs. This can only happen under a stable Government.”