Dundalk’s WuXi Biologics wins Business Recognition Award

Friday 22nd last saw a lot of action for WuXi Biologics with the announcement of WuXi plans to bring a second project, a WuXi Vaccines project, to the rapidly developing WuXi Campus in Dundalk.

While the WuXi Biologics build is powering along ‘at WuXi speed’ with over 700 construction workers currently employed on the site, the additional investment which is also supported by IDA Ireland, will bring WuXi investment locally to over €500m on the site over the next few years and 600 new jobs in medicines production and substantial spin-off benefits to Dundalk by 2024.

Some 400 employees will be working in the WuXi Biologics manufacturing facility on the Mullagharlin site when the project currently under construction goes into full production operation in 2022. When developed the project will see the world’s largest biologics contract manufacturing facility using single-use and flexible scale out production technology to produce medicines in Dundalk for a global market to serve over 30 million patients a year.

On Friday evening Brendan McGrath, WuXi Biologics Site Head and Vice President also accepted the prestigious Asia Matters award for Asian investment in Ireland, in recognition of WuXi investing in Ireland with the potential that this represents in terms of its contribution to economic growth, employment and contribution to local Irish business and community benefit. The Award was presented by Alan Dukes, former Minister for Finance and Chairman, Asia Matters, who actively leads an Asia Matters network of business leaders and influencers who engage in building trade links between Irish and Asian business to mutual benefit and understanding.

Brendan McGrath, WuXi Biologics Ireland Site Head with IDA Ireland’s Bernadette Nulty Business Development Manager Growth Markets and Eileen Sharpe, IDA Ireland’s Divisional Manager Growth, Markets & Emerging Business.