Brexit doesn’t affect me!

“Brexit doesn’t affect me.” That’s an attitude that many businesses have adopted over the last year, but now is the time to stop and ask yourself some really simple questions.

Where do our materials come from? Even if they come from a European supplier, how do they get to Ireland? Do they transit through Britain? Or where does our supplier source their materials from? Will there be delays in our supply or distribution chains?

Will duties now apply on goods arriving in from the UK? How will that affect our cashflow?

Are our materials or products certified by a UK body? Do we need to get an EU certifier?

Where do we sell our products? How do they get to that market? If it’s through the UK, will this cause customs delays or have VAT implications?

Speaking this week Thomas McEvoy, Head of Louth County Council’s Local Enterprise Office, explained “Britain has already left the EU and we are now less than 100 days to the end of the Transition Arrangement which will change how we trade with Britain. Many of the greatest challenges posed by Brexit are quite invisible. But they will have impacts on local businesses. From delays in your supply or distribution chain to expensive duties at the point of import. Whatever sort of problems arise, your Brexit challenges need to be faced.” 

“And if you have yet to face these questions, now is the time to talk to us in the Local Enterprise Office. We have a whole range of supports available for businesses in preparation for Brexit.” 

He continued “The first step is to make an appointment for our free Brexit Advisory Clinic. In this one-to-one meeting we will help to assess the impact of Brexit on your business. You will receive tailored advice to suit your business circumstances. We will be able to design a pathway to mitigate Brexit and access additional supports.”

Brexit will also have big implications for VAT and customs paperwork. Local Enterprise Office Louth is running a series of Customs Workshops to help you and your business navigate these changes.

“Our website has a host of useful Brexit resources including a scorecard to help you to plan, information on financial supports, support networks and practical action steps. You’ll find these on”

Thomas concluded “Don’t ignore Brexit. If it has implications for your business, now is the time to take action. We’re here to guide, advise and support. Call us on 1890 202 3030 or email us on today to make an appointment for our Brexit Advisory Clinic.”