Mc Ardle Meats Awarded Certified Craft Butcher Status

Mc Ardle Meats was awarded “Certified Craft Butcher” status at the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland Certification launch last Wednesday September 12th at Waterford Institute of Technology. Mc Ardle Meats was among the first of 50 butchers to receive the prestigious certificate and plaque which are only awarded to candidates who reach the required standard in the associations independent audits.  The awards were presented by celebrity chef and craft butcher proud ambassador Neven Maguire. 

The ceremony was in association with Waterford Harvest Festival and the Craft Butchers Young Butcher of the Year Award. Everyone partaking in the joyous festivities was in full spirits, especially Neven Maguire who spoke about certification expressing excitement over the significance the quality standard will have in keeping the butcher shop ahead of the competition in the current very competitive environment. 

Neven announced how privileged he was to be there “to help launch a certification standard that sets retail butchers apart in terms of quality product, premises, work practices and customer service and to meet and award the first 50 butchers who worked so hard to earn this award and who will work even harder to maintain it, is an honour. The Craft Butcher is one of the last men standing in the independent retail industry and we as consumers need to continue to support them especially as they commit to the highest standards in the industry, a standard that has been created for the consumer to enable them to make the most valuable and trusted purchasing decision upon each shopping trip. The Certified Craft Butcher shares a similar ethos to me when it comes to quality and traceability; we both strive to ensure we provide our customers with the freshest most succulent meat in the country.”

The Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland boasted one of its most successful days for its members yet; John Hickey, CEO of the association congratulated each butcher on the overall commitment and dedication to supporting certification and the drive for higher standards in the trade. He stated “this is a proud day for all our members and the association; customers can be assured that their local Certified Craft Butcher is working hard to maintain and continually increase quality standards for the consumer. This is not about price but quality and that’s the key difference in our message, the key that sets us apart from the multiples, the key that will open doors of opportunity and keep them open for decades to come.”
Certified Craft Butchers are now the only independently audited meat retailers in the country. A Certified Craft Butcher will guarantee you the highest standards in food, in customer service, in product knowledge and in quality.
For the assurance of the finest quality look out for the new “Certified Craft Butcher” plaques in your local Craft Butcher Shop.”