Shop Local Gift Vouchers off to a flying start!

In their continuing promotion of Shop Local Gift Vouchers, Dundalk Chamber of Commerce President Michael Gaynor is delighted with the success of the Shop Local Gift Vouchers to date. “With over €250,000 sold to date in their first year they have been a resounding success. This initiative set up by Dundalk Chamber Of Commerce has been a resounding success. These vouchers help to keep money in the local economy and help protect local jobs. The plan is to grow sales even more for the remainder of the year.

Speaking in AIB where he was promoting the Vouchers last week he stressed that there are now 200 local shops and businesses redeeming these vouchers. They can be spent in Restaurants, Hair Salons, Gift Stores, Gyms, Beautician, Clothes shops, Gyms and much more. They are an ideal gift for occasions such as Weddings, Birthdays, Retirements, Anniversaries and Staff Rewards. The person who receives the voucher is given the gift of choice of where they can redeem them.

Michael would also encourage local companies to buy these vouchers for their staff as Christmas Bonuses as they can save 56% on staff rewards by giving employees a Shop Local Gift Voucher instead of cash.  “Businesses can reward their staff with a €500 tax free payment. You are entitled to give one each and every year. Under the Small Benefits Exemption Scheme, company directors and employees can receive a non-cash bonus of up to €500 in value on a completely tax free basis each year and he would encourage all employers to but this voucher for the town as you will be spoilt for choice where you can spend them”.

Please see the attached Press Release for more information. The new Online Directory for Shop Local can be found here.