Free Energy Audit

As you are a local company based in Co Louth like ourselves here at the National Learning Network I wanted to let you know about a new Pilot Programme we are running in partnership with LMETB, SEAI and Louth County Council before it is advertised in next week’s local newspapers.

This programme is due to commence in June and we are looking for a number of Employers that would be interested in coming on board with us to have an Energy Audit done on their Business totally free of charge. This would normally cost in the region of €2000 – €3000.

All that is asked of the employer is to allow a student 3 visits to your premises as set out below. All 3 visits will take place over a 5-6 week period.

Visit 1

  • The student will call on the first visit and meet with the Manager/CEO and get 12 monthly ESB & Gas/Oil bills which the student will take away with them.

Visit 2

  • The student will come back and carry out a full walk about they will be looking at : Bulbs, Wattage, Timers, ESB Readings, Ventilation etc…

Visit 3

  • Meet with Manager/CEO – With Fully detailed report What savings can be made?
  • Capital Outlay and payback period
  • Access to Louth County Council grants if needed to be applied for as a result of audit

Please contact me at for any further information.