The Leprechaun Hunting season is about to begin!

The National Leprechaun Hunt in Carlingford will be happening on Sunday 7th April 2013.  

The event that has captured the nation’s imagination since the official designation of Slieve Foy Mountain in Co Louth as an EU Special Protection Area for Little People in 2010.
And the small medieval town of Carlingford has been thronged with visitors to view the only authentic leprechaun artefacts known to exist in Ireland.
Just over 20 years ago, the suit and bones of a leprechaun were found on The Slieve Foy mountain by the late, well known businessman PJ O Hare.  He discovered them after hearing a faint crying and when he went to investigate, he was shocked to find the suit of a leprechaun, along with coins and bones.
This sparked the original Leprechaun Hunt which was held on the Easter Sunday of 1989, attracting 4,000 visitors to the region.
Frances Taylor Event Coordinator said: “We will have 100 ‘leprechauns’ with a total cash amount of €2000.  They will be located on the side of the mountain to the right of the SPA and hope to raise a lot of money for charity.  However, we ask that if people come across a real leprechaun that they will allow them to pass and not try to capture them.  ‘Slieve Foy is now recognised as the home of the last leprechauns of Ireland and we know there are 236 currently living on the mountain.   It is important that they are safe, happy and we do not allow them to become extinct.’

Prospecting licences will be sold on the day at €5.00 per person and registration begins at 1.00pm.  Only carriers of authenticated licences will be allowed on the mountain that day.

Frances Taylor continues “I am not surprised at the reception from public and the media about this event.  There are so many leprechaun enthusiasts out there who believe in what we are doing here.  People feel strongly about protecting our little people, who, we must remember, are the touchstone of our heritage and folklore’.

The Gathering event is facilitated by Carlingford Adventure Centre and supported by the Gathering, IPB, Louth County Council and Failte Ireland.

For further details please log on to  Tel  00 353 (0) 42 937 3646