Dundalk Finishes 2016 In Style!

The Chamber has surpassed all expectations by selling over €650,000 Shop Local Gift Vouchers. The final figure for 2016 will not be known until returns from outlets are collated after Christmas.

Michael Gaynor, President of Dundalk Chamber praised the hard work done by Chamber staff, our members, other employers and retailers in engaging in this in a very positive and constructive manner.

He said that it was an achievement which kept jobs at home this year and demonstrated the pride local people had in their area. Every euro kept in the local economy would be spent locally again. The impact of this initiative was therefore worth €2,000,000 plus to the local economy.

Michael Gaynor President, An Taoiseach, Martin McElligott (BIDS Manager), Paddy Malone PRO with our Shop Local flyer

Paddy Malone PRO commented that employers had seen the value of the scheme due both because of the tax advantages and the fact that all costs were being borne by the Chamber. When members of the public were asked why they bought the vouchers the main reasons given were protecting jobs and the fact that there was no expiry date.

The vouchers will be available throughout 2017 and can be used for birthdays, communions and other occasions.

Michael congratulated BIDS on the magnificent energy efficient New Lights and the atmosphere of the town centre. He remarked that with the success of the Dundalk FC on the European stage the town definitely had a good 2016 and looked forward to 2017.