The Gathering – get involved!

The national event “The Gathering “  is sweeping the nation and is undoubtedly shaping up to be the BIG thing for 2013!
The government is hugely investing in the event with the aim of increasing revenue into the country AND directly into the local community,  by calling the Irish abroad to come home for 2013.  Fáilte Ireland marketing teams both home and abroad are also totally committed to the event.
Last week, Louth County Council facilitated a packed meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel where the interest, energy and depth of ideas were so impressive that a county steering group and a council official has been designated to support “The Gathering” proposals. 
Carlingford and Mourne Region are determined to grab the opportunity and realise its potential for the immediate region.  Amazing statistics recently released record that for every €25,000 spent by visitors will result in the creation of one job.   
Marketing Director, Frances Taylor said ‘This means for every 25 visitors who stay here for 1 week, where the expected spend would be €1000, would result in providing employment for one person in the area.  Retaining and creating employment is our main objective we will be actively involved in the event with this aim at the forefront of our efforts’. 
The Gathering is a fantastic opportunity to invite anyone with Irish connections back to this area and everyone is encouraged to get behind it.  Member of the County Steering committee for the Gathering,  Kevin Woods is appealing to anyone who has a contact or relative abroad who may consider visiting Ireland to email  ‘We will do the rest.  There are tailored packages available to suit anyone who wants to come to Louth at any time during 2013. Even if it’s a friend of a friend or a 6th cousin let us know and we will take it from there.  On a more personal level, it’s a great excuse to see those relatives or friends again, there’s nothing like talking and laughing over old times.’  
The company is planning to organise clan reunions of families, clubs, and school class reunions for the Cooley Peninsula. One special invite will be to call anyone who lived in Carlingford in 1970 – 1975 to come back and see what they think of the place now. 

This Gathering event is unique in that it is all inclusive and one that can be so rewarding for every member of the community – so make sure to take part and get an invite out there now!

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