Worklink is a volunteer-led organisation which aims to help tackle unemployment by supporting employers and unemployed jobseekers ( Over the past year our service has developed so that we now run coaching clinics in job seeking, CV preparation and interview skills direct to jobseekers. This is in addition to our work helping employers to avail of internship schemes.

Worklink has an established presence in Dundalk and Dublin, combined with new regional groups in Cork and Limerick. Over the last few months we have run several successful events including a 6 session evening course aimed at jobseekers, starting with helping the client to know their skills, through to preparing them for interview.

We are looking for potential volunteers who have experience of HR management, career coaching, experience of CV or interview preparation, or knowledge of what employers are looking for in employees. Volunteers can get involved on a regular basis or as a one-off.  We are also interested in teaming up with employers to offer coaching: for example by running one of our workshops in an employer’s facilities, and advertising it as a joint event. Over the coming months we hope to expand the services we offer employers and would be interested in any ideas or inputs from local businesses.