The JobsPlus programme

The JobsPlus programme was launched on 8th July, 2013 by an Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD under the Government initiative Action Plan for Jobs. This programme is available to employers from 1st July 2013.

JobsPlus ‐ Introduces a new Incentive Scheme to Encourage Businesses to Recruit Long Term Unemployed

There are already a suite of measures that support employers to employ or provide access to the labour market for those on the Live Register but there has been low take‐up of some schemes to‐date. For that reason the existing PRSI exemption and Revenue Tax Assist schemes will be replaced by a simplified initiative. The objective with the new JobsPlus scheme is to provide a simple, easily understood and attractive scheme that will encourage employers to recruit from the cohort of the long term unemployed.

From an employer perspective, the typical value of the incentive over a two year period is circa 23 per cent of the gross minimum wage cost – in effect the State will pay €1 of every €4 it costs the employer to recruit the person off the Live Register. The new incentive is payable, on a monthly in arrears basis, over a two year period.

The incentive favours the long term unemployed so that the value of the incentive is set at two levels:

  • In respect of recruits unemployed for more than 12 but less than 24 months: €7,500
  • In respect of recruits unemployed for more than 24 months: €10,000


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