Energy Saving Pilot update

Last week, at the Dundalk 2020 annual review, we announced the first draft of figures from the successes of the first phase of a pilot energy management project for Louth.

The Louth Economic Forum and SEAI launched the pilot on 6th September, with the target to support 60 businesses across Louth and save €500,000 through energy cost saving initiatives.

To date, with 12 interns supporting 45 businesses, cost savings of €222,000 have already been realised in 2010 and a further €715,000 in potential savings have been identified.

In most cases, depending on the personal circumstances of the phase 1 interns, they will continue to support businesses through January and we will endeavour to realise as much of these potential savings as possible, supporting motivated first phase businesses further in the second phase of the pilot.

The second phase of the pilot begins in February and we are seeking a maximum of 20 motivated and enthusiastic businesses to commit to partake in this worthwhile pilot, as we know from experience that the level of motivation is proportional to the benefit reaped in cost savings. Very specifically we’re hoping to attract more interest from Chamber industrial businesses.

If you know of any businesses within Co Louth that might be interested in taking part, please email for further details.