ACORN Project

A pilot scheme is currently preparing to help make it easier for older people to use the internet. This is being done through the use of a special tablet device from ACORN. It’s a smart tablet which allows older people to stay connected with friends, family and even make doctor’s appointments etc. Chamber Members can avail of the opportunity of being part of the Age Friendly pilot whilst advertising their service etc to an audience they might not have.

Project Details

  • So far they have received consents from the members of the NGO sector who are allowing their info to go on the device
  • They are now recruiting 40-50 participants in the county – older people who do not use the internet often or who need some guidance in using it. (the objective of the exercise is to get more older people on line)
  • Cliffrun is customising the device to have Louth specific content on it to engage the older person.
  • They have to seek funding under the Community Enhancement Fund to purchase the tablets

As mentioned, in the meantime there is an opportunity for members of the Chambers of Commerce to have their content on the device as part of the pilot.

For more information on the project please contact Mary Deery directly