Safety First at McArdle Skeath

Over forty years in business, McArdle Skeath, Ireland’s specialist in transportation, refrigeration and storage has taken another innovative step towards adapting its business to changing times by utilising new safety apps from Safety Link Consulting, across its 13 acre Dundalk-based site. Employing a strong workforce of 80 people in Inniskeen and providing integrated logistics services to local and international customers across the food, pharmaceutical and dry goods sectors, McArdle Skeath keeps safety top of its agenda. The company maintains that safety checks, monitoring and reports are critical not only to comply with industry regulations but also to provide the best workplace environment for staff and in turn ensure reliable and trusted services for its customers.

“Our people are very important to us and we pride ourselves on investing in our staff as well as our facilities,” said Micheal McArdle, managing director, McArdle Skeath. “We are currently working very closely with Safety Link Consulting, a company that is an expert in Safety and we’ve been using its Safety Apps for audits and reports for a few months now. We see it very worthwhile to embrace new technologies and we are experiencing great returns already from carrying out routine safety checks using smart phones, a job previously done only using paper. Using traditional paper was both time and labour intensive and was more expensive in the long run. The cost of carrying out routine safety checks now on the iPad or Blackberry is so much more cost effective and is really impacting our bottom line. It is also allowing our people to be more productive and in these challenging times; productivity is so important.”

The concept of using one’s smartphone or tablet to do paperwork is new in Ireland as people typically use these devices to access email, the web, make calls or text, according to Martin Denny, managing director, Safety-Link Consulting. “Safety professionals can take advantage of new technology and no longer need to rely on cumbersome and sometimes illegible paper forms, said Martin.  “Automated paper-based safety audits, inspections, assessments and reports can now be filled out on any smartphone or Tablet including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows enabled mobile devices. The apps enable traditional safety forms to collect information and updates which develop a PDF report that can be branded and emailed to the customer, supervisor or whomever the user designates,” he added.

Anyone interested in testing the safety apps can access them on the Safety Link App Store and download a 30 day free trial at

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