Dundalk company featured in Chambers Ireland ‘Smart Economy’ launch

Chambers Ireland has launched an information booklet designed to help Irish business innovate through a greater understanding of the Smart Economy. The guide, Understanding the Smart Economy, explains what the Smart Economy means for Ireland and how businesses can embrace it

“The Smart Economy is a knowledge-driven, inclusive and sustainable economy which harnesses enterprise and innovation to drive growth,” said Ian Talbot, Chambers Ireland chief executive. “It leverages the skills, knowledge and creativity of people to grow business, improve energy security and promote social cohesion. “Innovation – putting ideas into action – is the means by which we will transform Ireland’s economy. Creating a high-quality business environment is critical to its success. Appropriate industry supports much be put in place to assist our entrepreneurial spirit in order to convert ideas into valuable new work practices, processes, goods and services.

“Understanding the Smart Economy provides examples of SMEs from around Ireland – Catch FM, Curragh Tintawn Carpets, Dromad Hire, Piercom Limited, Torpey Wood Products, Crospon working with HP and Celtic Linen – that have embraced new technology and ideas and in some cases completely redefined their business model to create new products and services, increase productivity and boost sales.”

The launch was held last Friday in chambers Ireland head office Merrion square, where Dromad Hire’s managing director Seamus Byrne was a featured as a guest speaker to talk about his business model.




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