Informative Cross Border Tax Seminar

FPM in conjunction with Dundalk Chamber of Commerce delivered an informative cross border tax seminar focused on the impact of recent changes in UK tax legalisation on Irish businesses and Individuals looking to expand or currently trading in the UK market.

Paddy Malone, Anne Rooney, Desi Foley and Michael Farrell

The seminar was well received by the large audience and both Desi Foley and Anne Rooney provided succinct and relevant advice on the recent changes that would impact Irish businesses exporting into the UK market.  For example, Anne explained a recent change in the UK legalisation is likely to adversely impact Irish Investors who had purchased UK property to hold for seven years to available of the Irish CGT exemption – this will no longer apply to UK property so Irish investors are likely to be left out of pocket because of this recent change!

Both Anne and Desi explained that early planning is essential to minimising tax exposure in both the local and International markets and therefore recommended that business seek advice early.  For further details or a copy of the presentation please contact Anne or Desi on, or 042-9388898