Louth Peace IV Programme

As you‘re probably aware, Louth Co Council has been allocated an indicative budget of €3.5 million to deliver a variety of projects under The Louth Peace IV Programme. This funding will contribute to the development of social and economic stability in Co Louth through the PEACE IV Cooperation Programme which will promote increased cohesion between communities (http://www.seupb.eu).

You may have already received a notice from the Louth PEACE IV Partnership requesting submissions from interested organisations and individuals wishing to submit a project and/or to be considered for inclusion in the Louth PEACE IV Action Plan at http://www.louthcoco.ie. As we stated in this notice, proposed actions in the Louth PEACE IV Action Plan will be focusing on three thematic areas: young people, shared spaces and services and building positive relations across communities. The funding will be directed in a targeted way in response to the needs of local communities that have been identified in the Peace IV Action Plan which will seek indicators of tangible outcomes and change to be achieved in local communities during the lifetime of the plan.

For more information, please see the attached letter from PEACE IV Programme Manager, Therese McArdle


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