Proposed Valuation Certificates

Under section 26 of the Valuation Act, 2001 as amended by section 11 of the Valuation (Amendment) Act 2015, Proposed Valuation Certificates will issue to occupiers of relevant rateable properties in the rating authority areas of Louth County Council, beginning 15th March 2019.

A ratepayer who is dissatisfied with any of the particulars contained in his or her Proposed Valuation Certificate may, within 40 days of the date of the issue of that Proposed Valuation Certificate, make representations to the Valuation Office as detailed in the explanatory letter issued with their Proposed Valuation Certificate. The Valuation Office will also be holding walk in clinics, to answer any queries ratepayers may have, in Dundalk as outlined in the table below (please see the attached document for further locations).

For your information, we have attached sample documents which have been issued from the Valuation Office to each ratepayer in the rating authority area.

If you have any queries with any of the above please get in touch.