Calling all Accountants/Solicitors/Financial controllers!

Bank of Ireland are running a Bond Trader event locally for TY students across the various schools in the area…. but they need your help….

This is a call out for any Accountants/Solicitors/Financial controllers within your organisations who would be available to partake in what is sure to be a very exciting, entertaining, and educational session with the TY students where they will get a very real and practical hands on taste for what Bond Trading is all about.

Those partaking will be eligible for 2 CPD hours as a result of giving their time and expertise to this event. If you or someone in your business is available to support this event please reach out directly to Sharon Keenan (email or call her on 087 630 4692)

  • 9-9.30 Coffee/tea Informal networking Session
  • 9.30 -12.30 Bond Trader Event

We have all local Secondary schools shown an interest and we have 162 TY students in total attending. We are looking 18/20 local accountants/solicitors/Financial controllers to get involved.

What is it? Bond-trader is a team game of stocks/shares, equities, cash & bonds. A table quiz style set-up where you have a large number of teams competing against each other except there aren’t any questions – just different trading scenarios shown on a screen and the teams have to decide how it will impact their buying / selling of bonds and equities.

What will it entail? The event starts with a 10-15 minute education piece. Teams are then given a mix of assets, a live scenario and the ability to swap these assets to build their ideal portfolio. A team of dealers will facilitate the trades for the participating teams. The events are highly interactive, think the trading floor on the New York Stock Exchange. A team of scorers have a spreadsheet that records who made and lost money after each round. There are 10 different trading scenarios and there is usually a short break after 5 rounds.

As we are in the process of arranging event we would really appreciate acceptance as soon as possible to lock down numbers.

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