Over €530,000 worth of Shop Local Gift Vouchers sold to date

Michael Gaynor President of Dundalk Chamber is delighted to announce that sales of the Shop Local Gift Vouchers have hit a record of €530,000 since their launch last year. Now with over 220 local shops and businesses redeeming “Shop Local Gift Vouchers” they are a welcome addition to retailers in the town. The target had been €300,000.

Michael Gaynor is calling on members of the public and the business community to continue to get behind the “Shop Local Vouchers” this Christmas and give them as Christmas presents to family and staff.

Paddy Malone highlight that employers can save 56% on staff rewards by giving employees a Shop Local Gift Voucher instead of cash up to €500 tax free once every year. To pay €500 in cash could cost €1,154 whereas the cost of this scheme is only that €500.

All costs of printing (Dundalk printers were used except for the vouchers themselves) administration and promotion are borne by the Chamber. Unlike other schemes there is NO commission and NO expiry date. The vouchers are as good as cash.

By keeping nearly €600,000 in town this will create extra wages/jobs in retail which in turn will generate extra sales. This multiplier makes the ultimate win for the town around €1,800,000. It also generates a feel good factor which compliments the new Christmas lights and the success of Dundalk FC this year.