New Cyber Education Programme

This new programme is aimed at both part-time and full-time employees. Trainees will need to have a PPS number to access this training for free.

The first phase of the new programme will be “Digital and Cyber Awareness”.

CyberQuest taught us many things including the need to add some IT Fundamentals and provide training for general business functions. To this end, the Digital and Cyber Awareness training will include those listed below, details are shown on the attachment.

  • Getting Started in IT – fundamentals programme using VMare Academy
  • Cyber Awareness – CybSafe’s behavioural approach to security including modules for functional areas, like HR and Finance.
  • Cyber IQ & Bridging Programme – InfoSec’s IQ process with add-ons to open up to the Intermediate level of Cyber Skills for Entry Grades.

The approach will be hybrid with workshops, on-line learning and support. There will be a kick off session in either Dundalk or Dublin, run physically and virtually simultaneously.

This first phase will be followed by the launch of another Cyber Skills Programme in December. For more information, contact or phone +353 (0)1 8457177