Walk a mile of Brigid’s Way

The 3rd Brigid’s Way walking pilgrimage will begin at 2pm on Saturday June 27th at Faughart Shrine. This 9 day walking pilgrimage is re-activating an ancient pilgrim path between Faughart and Kildare, linking again the two centres in Ireland that are most associated with devotion to Brigid.

You are invited to join the initial phase of the pilgrimage which begins at 2pm in the beautiful grounds at Faughart Shrine with its magnificent trees and the flowing Brigid stream. The Brigid of Faughart festival team will introduce the treasures of Faughart and lead people around the wonderful healing stones located in this site.

At 2.45pm they will gather with the pilgrims and ceremonially inaugurate the 3rd Brigid’s way pilgrimage. Pilgrims passports will be stamped and the pilgrims, led by piper Patrick Martin, will leave Faughart to begin the first stage of the pilgrim journey to Kildare, Brigids monastic city.

The Walking Route

The pilgrimage from Faughart to Dundalk will meander along lovely country roads, allowing people to enjoy the beautiful countryside. The route passes Kilcurry Church, Toberona and Fatima. It then goes up the Mill Road, Dundalk crossing the Castleblaney Road onto Mount Avenue, Dundalk near Cuchulain’s Mound.

At this stage, pilgrims have a choice to continue along Mount Avenue and into Dundalk by the Carrick road, or to walk through Sally Cox’s land, Lisnawilly, which according to the late Harold O’Sullivan, contains a section of an ancient pilgrim path from Faughart to Kildare. Refreshments will be served at the end of the walk through Lisnawilly.

The total distance is approximately 6 miles. The route will be well signposted with volunteers located at crucial points on the route; a support car will travel alongside the pilgrims.

Registration for 1 day pilgrims will take place at Faughart Shrine at 2pm on Sat 27th June. Donations toward the costs of pilgrimage are welcomed and appreciated.