Public Health Department North East: Media Statement

The HSE Public Health Department North East, Midlands Louth Meath Community Healthcare, Louth County Council and Meath County Council are urging people to come forward to get their COVID-19 vaccine to improve vaccination uptake in the region. We are working together to increase our region’s response to COVID-19 vaccination uptake and strengthen public health.

Dr Augustine Pereira, Director of Public Health North East said: “Everyone in Ireland aged 12 and older is eligible to receive free COVID-19 vaccines. Those who are currently eligible for vaccines but remain unvaccinated are at risk of becoming seriously ill. In order to protect yourself and prevent the spread, it is important that you get vaccinated. We are working with our colleagues in Community Health and the County Councils to promote the uptake of vaccines amongst anyone who hasn’t yet availed of one, to counter misinformation, and to ensure we are reaching out to our communities.”

“Our message to the eligible population who have had their doses of the vaccine is; thank you. To those who have one dose; please ensure you receive your second dose, and to those who have not yet come forward to be vaccinated; please we urge anyone who has not yet availed of a vaccine to get it. The vaccine will protect you, but it isn’t just to protect yourself, it’s for your family, friends and the wider community.”

“We are asking our community groups and businesses to play a role in helping us get the unvaccinated vaccinated. We need you to ensure people are getting reliable information about the vaccine. To show them where they can find reliable and accurate information online. We want parents and grandparents to encourage young people to take up the opportunity to get vaccinated.”

Dr Pereira added: “the work to improve vaccine uptake needs to continue. We must leave no stone unturned. No one should be left behind because they haven’t had the support they need to make an informed decision to get vaccinated.”

Head of Service for Health and Wellbeing in Midlands Louth Meath Community Healthcare, Fiona Murphy, said: “COVID-19 can have serious, long-term or life-threatening complications, and there is no way to know how COVID-19 will affect you. If you get infected, you could spread the disease to family, friends and others around you. Getting vaccinated is a much safer way to build protection than getting the virus.”

“People aged 12 years and older can get their vaccine by registering on or by attending a walk-in clinic; parental consent is required for those aged 12-15. For further details on getting a vaccine and updates about the walk-in vaccination clinics, visit:”

“COVID-19 vaccines are widely available at various locations across the region, including participating pharmacies in Louth and Meath. To find a pharmacy to book a vaccine appointment visit”

Chief Executive of Louth County Council, Joan Martin said: “Louth County Council strongly supports the vaccine programme and encourages all those who can get vaccinated to do so. I myself was delighted to get fully vaccinated to help protect myself, my family and my colleagues, and would certainly urge everyone else to do the same. We need to all work together to get as many people vaccinated as possible for all our sakes.”

Jackie Maguire, Chief Executive of Meath County Council, said “Unfortunately there is still a significant number of unvaccinated people in Meath and beyond, these people remain highly vulnerable to COVID-19. Now is the time for us all to make one last effort to ensure protection for our family, friends and loved ones”.