Car Medic address participants of FAST Franchise Programme

Individuals who are unemployed because of redundancy and other reasons can now avail of new supports and options in seeking to return to employment. Start up your own business courses are being rolled out across the country and Irelands only National Franchise Centre located in Limerick Institute of Technology is now running a Franchise Acceleration Start-up Training Programme (FAST).

Addressing an audience of thirty participants, Paul Callan Managing Director of the multi-award winning Car Medic presented to participants of the FAST programme in the National Franchise Centre, in Limerick Institute of Technology about his highly successful franchise. Car Medic Ireland is an example of a company currently offering franchises in the automotive industry. Car Medic provides a convenient, mobile cosmetic bodywork repair service, by taking the body shop to the customer and delivering high quality at a low price. This cost effective alternative to the traditional body shop, has seen a huge increase in business for Car Medic recently.

“I was very impressed at the number and variety of participants on the course, people of all different backgrounds and ages,” said Paul Callan, managing director, Car Medic Ireland. “I have found some major benefits to owning and operating Car Medic Ireland. Studies show that 95% of Franchise businesses are successful, compared to 55% of non-franchise business set-ups. With a franchise you are investing in a proven method of doing business, where all the problems associated with start-up business have already been ironed out. A Car Medic franchise is a full-time job for individuals who are ambitious, well organised, and have a good customer service attitude. From a financial point of view, there are supports available out there.”

The FAST programme is open to all members of the public and offers a unique insight into becoming a franchisee and setting up one’s own business. The FAST programme will enable participants to identify and select a franchise suitable to their skills and interests, and guide them on developing, managing and successfully running a franchise business.

The FAST Business Training Programme, in partnership with Limerick Chamber of Commerce captures the criteria for what makes franchises successful and incorporates the discipline into a comprehensive accelerated 6 month training programme, creating franchise-ready candidates with franchise opportunities clearly identified including a financial support structure.

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