Government of the Republic of Croatia

The Government of the Republic of Croatia Call for an Expression of Interest in respect of the establishment of the right to build and the right of usage of property in Kupari, Croatia.

At the same time, please, find enclosed the summary of the Act on Strategic Investment Projects of the Republic of Croatia (2013) (Act). Provisionally translated in English, The Act can be found on the webpage of the Croatian Agency for Investments and Competitiveness:

The purpose of the new Act is to simplify and speed up the process of obtaining the respective documentation and approvals necessary for commencing projects in Croatia which are considered ‘strategically important’. Hence it may be of interest to your clients taking into account the possibility of investing in Croatia, inclusive also of the Kupari project set forth above.

I should be most obliged if you kindly advised by return of the way the attached Call for Expression of Interest and the Strategic Investments Act Summary were presented to your clients respectively. Also, if you could confirm whether there already exist, among the Dundalk Chamber clients, the ones potentially interested in investing in Croatia/region.