Stable Industrial Relations Vital to Economic Performance

Commenting on the release of today’s (17 November 2016) CSO figures on Q3 2016 industrial disputes, Ian Talbot Chief Executive Chambers Ireland said, “The figures released today remind us of the impact strikes have on businesses and households as 14,270 days were lost to industrial disputes in the third quarter alone. Over many years the Irish Government, unions, the business community and all stakeholders have worked hard to maintain a stable and productive industrial relations environment. This stability has been a positive factor in ensuring a productive economy, enhancing employee welfare and has been a major component of our ability to attract FDI.”

“Facing into a period of increasing economic uncertainty, we must endeavour to ensure that today’s figures do not become part of an emerging trend and that we do not lose sight of the importance of industrial relations stability nor the maintenance of our national competitiveness to our economic recovery.”