Proposed Childcare Subsidies will Boost Female Labour Market Participation

Commenting on the proposed introduction of subsidised childcare in Budget 2017, Ian Talbot, Chief Executive Chambers Ireland said, “We welcome the news that increased childcare funding by the State is being considered for Budget 2017. The cost of childcare is a significant portion of the cost of living for parents and has many far reaching implications for families and businesses. More affordable access to childcare will have positive implications for female labour market participation and benefit families and businesses across the country.

In our Pre-Budget 2017 submission Chambers Ireland recommended that Government provide direct subsidies to childcare providers. We are pleased that Government is now considering higher levels of investment in childcare and early childhood education and we recommend that with this increase in funding Government ensures a greater emphasis on standards and on educational quality levels within the childcare sector. Subsidies must be related to predefined quality standards in order to ensure the best outcomes for children.”