Action Plan for Education will Prepare Learners for Changing Global Economy

Chambers Ireland today (15/09/2016) welcomed the commitment to addressing skills needs and further education and training in the publication of the Department of Education and Skills (DES) Strategy Statement.

Commenting on the Action Plan for Education, Ian Talbot, Chief Executive Chambers Ireland said, “We support the ambition of the Minister and the Department of Education for Ireland to become the best education and training system in Europe over the next decade. Ireland must have the goal of being first amongst its peers in national education and training policy if we are to have the knowledge and skills based economy that is necessary for a small open economy to compete internationally and create employment.

The ‘Action Plan’ structure has been demonstrated to be effective in supporting the delivery of strategic objectives under the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs and the application of the model by the Department of Education and Skills to their strategy demonstrates a real intent to achieve their goals.

This plan will help education and training policy to evolve and respond to meet the demands of a rapidly changing enterprise environment and global economy. Increasing engagement with communities such as business will enhance the education and training system and benefit both learners and the economy. The delivery of this strategy will allow our citizens of the future to pursue rewarding careers and continue to develop professionally over the course of their careers. We now call on Government to actively support this plan and secure the investment required to deliver on this vital priority for the future.”

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