Riva goodwill gesture to customers during renovations

Bernadette and Tim Murphy currently operate restaurants in 2 Beautiful premises in the Centre of Dundalk. Next week in order to update and upgrade the quality of their original Riva Brasserie restaurant, they are closing for a 5 day period. The restaurant is situated in the pedestrian plaza of Earl Street adjacent to the Town Square.

As a gesture of goodwill to our customers and in an effort to create some fun and joy in our much maligned town they have invited the services of 2 of Dublin’s Ecocab’s to ferry customers from our Riva Brasserie premises to our sister restaurant Riva Townhouse free of charge between 11am and 6pm daily for the 5 days.

They feel this will be a very novel event and a good news story during very difficult times.  Customers can also enjoy the experience and sample some of the new products which they will be making available on Earl Street at peak intervals during the week.