North East Regional Enterprise Plan Newsletter

The “North East Regional Enterprise Plan to 2020” is one of nine Regional Enterprise Plans launched in early 2019 by then Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Minister Heather Humphreys.

The Regional Enterprise Plan for the North East is focused around 5 strategic objectives and builds upon the existing activities being undertaken by a broad range of enterprise agencies and stakeholders in the region.

North East Regional Enterprise Plan to 2020 Strategic Objectives:

  1. Leverage the full extent of talent residing in the North East to drive new enterprise investment and growth.
  2. Implement a holistic approach to workforce development in the North East Region, matching workers’ skills to needs in the region’s enterprises and further developing the knowledge skills and competencies of those currently in the workplace.
  3. Strengthen SME resilience in the North East so as to achieve development and growth in the face of external challenges.
  4. Drive a higher level of economic success in the North East by building on niche strengths and fostering clustering among enterprises.
  5. Strengthen the attractiveness of the North East as a destination to visit.

This newsletter (attached) provides a snapshot of what has been achieved across the Region since the plan was launched in 2019.