Introduction of the Do Not Originate Protocol

Consumers are being defrauded of money, as well as being inconvenienced, confused, and threatened by nuisance communications e.g. scam phone calls. Consumers are also being manipulated into providing sensitive personal information, such as Personal Public Service numbers and banking information, which scammers can then use to commit crime.

To promptly confront this problem, in December 2021 ComReg established the Nuisance Communications Industry Taskforce (“NCIT”). The NCIT held its first meeting in February 2022 and an update2 on its activities was published in September 2022. The NCIT includes ComReg and fixed and mobile telecoms operators and meets monthly to discuss how best to tackle the problem of nuisance communications.

As a first step, phone calls pretending to be from trusted phone numbers will be stopped with the implementation of a “Do Not Originate” List (“DNO List”). Operators will block calls appearing to originate from numbers on that list. For more details, see attached.