Guides and advice for Irish SMEs trading with the UK

Following the UK referendum on BREXIT, a number of very useful (updated) guides and advice for Irish SMEs trading with the UK have been published.

The UK vote to leave the European Union raises many important issues for Ireland’s exporters to Britain. As part of the range of supports Enterprise Ireland is offering, we have published two expert guides on what businesses should be thinking about and doing to address the short- and longer-term implications of the UK’s vote.

Cross-border trade in goods and services on the island of Ireland has grown exponentially over the past twenty years and now stands at circa £5bn Sterling or just over €6bn Euros. Over this period cross-border trade has proven to be robust recovering strongly from other shocks such as the banking crisis. The cross-border market on the island is a particularly important for small firms with nearly two thirds of Northern Ireland’s small firms goods exports going South and one sixth of Ireland’s small firms goods exports going North.

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