Chambers Ireland congratulates Leaving Certificate Students receiving results today

Chambers Ireland congratulates the 58,000-plus students receiving their Leaving Certificate results today.

Speaking this afternoon, Chambers Ireland chief executive Ian Talbot congratulated the students and wished them well on the next steps towards building a future career.

“For many students receiving their results today, third level university education may be the preferred option, but we remind students that it is not the only option, and that there are many opportunities available through apprenticeships and further education courses.

Students and their families should bear in mind that the economy in coming decades will continue to evolve and could look quite different to the way it does today.

As we transition to a low carbon economy, we’ll need the right skills and expertise to support this. Students receiving their results today will play a large role in building that future.

We urge students to look at the full range of options available to them.”