Christmas Is Coming

Christmas will be a particularly happy time this year for most in Dundalk even with the challenges of the cost of living. The end of all COVID restrictions means that all are looking forward to a return to normality.

There is no better place than Dundalk to enjoy the festive season due to number of factors:

  • Louth County Council have as in previous years reduced by 50% all car park charges for the month of December
  • BIDS have a magnificent Christmas light display and a special light display sponsored by Dundalk Credit Union
  • Dundalk Chamber successfully lobbied to see the Government increase the amount an employee can receive from an employer from €500 to €1,000 TAX FREE

This has seen a dramatic increase in the Chamber’s sale of Shop Local Vouchers, the ideal present not just for employees but for all.

As Una McGoey, President of Dundalk Chamber says “If you want to encourage people of all ages to shop local, then with over 300 shops, it makes sense to give the Dundalk currency rather than cash, which could be spent on non-local companies on the internet. There are now Dundalk retailers who have received online vouchers from Louth LEO and it may be possible to use the Shop Local Vouchers. So please support local retailers who employ locals who then spend their wages in the locality, so we all win.”

Paddy Malone, PRO of the Chamber points out that the simplest and cheapest way for an employer to say thanks at Christmas is with a shop local voucher, no PAYE/USC/or PRSI. “The voucher, unlike others has no expiry date and all costs are met by the Chamber and our sponsors.”

So, the message this Christmas is visit Dundalk where your euro will go further. Please also support our local charities, if you are able.

Thomas McEvoy Louth County Council, Conor Keelan Chair Louth County Council, Kevin Meehan Chair Dundalk Municipal Authority., Paddy Malone PRO Dundalk Chamber and Una McGoey President Dundalk Chamber

Louth County Council have reduced by 50% all car park charges for the month of December