1200 miles….5 capital cities…..3 months…..1 amazing cause….Zero money

To mark the three month countdown to Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2012, Maxim Laithwaite has undertaken to walk 1200 miles from Derry in Northern Ireland to London via Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the epic 8000 mile walk that Satish Kumar began in 1962, Maxim will be walking without money and relying on the kindness of strangers for food and shelter.

Max departed Derry after the Peace One Day event on 21st June, walking an average of 15 miles each day between the two capital cities of Ireland. 
On Friday the peace pilgrim entered an area which has seen its share of violence, arriving in Newry County Down to a tremendous welcome, continuing onto Dundalk in County Louth on Saturday morning. 
‘I really looked forward to visiting the Carlingford and Mourne Region in particular and step across the border from Northern Ireland into Southern Ireland. Considering the history of the border counties, I understand the significance of being able to do this so easily.  The progress that Ireland has made through its commitment to non violence is truly reflective of what I am doing and a source of inspiration to all that share this belief’. 
Maxim decided a detour to the medieval town of Carlingford was a must and enjoyed the local hospitality from the community, spending a night of music and Guinness in Taaffe’s Castle and staying overnight courtesy of Carlingford Adventure Centre.  He will walk across the county throughout the week arriving in Howth in Dblin on Thursday evening.
During the journey Maxim will be talking to individuals and groups along the route about how to become  involved with Global Truce 2012 and encourages interested parties to get in touch to arrange a meet or even a walk and talk. 

The endeavour, which is to raise awareness for Global Truce 2012  Campaign: ‘Reducing Domestic Violence’   and organisations Peace One Day & MasterPeace, will conclude at London’s Wembley Stadium on the United Nations’ International Day of Peace on the  21st September, marking the largest reduction in global violence ever recorded and the largest gathering of people in the name of peace.

Maxim suggests ‘Mark the day in any way you want. Hold a football match. Meditate. Hold a lunch with your neighbours. Dance. Or go for a peace walk’..

If you would like to offer food or shelter to Maxim along the way, please contact him at:
E: peacedaypilgrim@gmail.com or T: 078 9996 0221

“Placing the success of the journey in the hands of the communities and people along the journey highlights the same spirit that our societies need to find peace. It also raises important questions about the relationship between poverty and peace”    Maxim Laithwaite

Follow his journey:
www.facebook.com/peacedaypilgrim    www.twitter.com/peacedaypilgrim

For more information on Peace One Day visit their website www.peaceoneday.org