International Music Conference at DkIT

The Section of Music at Dundalk Institute of Technology is host to the annual conference of ICTM Ireland entitled ‘Tracks less Travelled’ from 27 February – 1 March 2015. The conference brings together scholarship that considers places and sounds beyond the canon of traditional music studies and ethnomusicology. While attention in Ireland has focused primarily on the musical traditions of the west, ignoring other regional and sometimes urban traditions, ethnomusicologists are becoming more aware of the cosmopolitan urban soundscapes of Ireland that can embrace the traditional musics of many cultures, while simultaneously revisiting previously studied traditions. The understanding of traditional music in Ireland is enhanced through engagement with other traditional musics in and from other parts of the world and a greater appreciation of the performance and development of Irish music abroad. The tracks that mark our journeys feed into the tracks that we listen to.

The Keynote speaker for the 2015 Annual Conference is Dr Christopher J. Smith, Professor and Chair of Musicology/Ethnomusicology and director of the Vernacular Music Centre at the Texas Tech University School of Music.

The ICTM Ireland Conference is an excellent opportunity for researchers in music to gather, share ideas and develop future research collaborations in the world leading facilities of the Carroll Building. It is through such events that the Section of Music at DkIT are becoming cultural ambassadors for music advancing the reputation of the Institute on the international stage.

Any queries about the ICTM Ireland Annual Conference at Dundalk Institute of Technology can be sent to or see for more.

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